Passionate about spreading the message of wholeness of mind and body and its benefits, Nadia works with individuals as diverse as teachers, engineers and parents, helping them discover an easier way to exist in their bodies.

The knowledge and insights Nadia provides on the Alexander Technique can be understood and felt long after your sessions are over. It has, above all else, taught me to be more present. With this presence comes awareness. With awareness comes choice. And with choice… FREEDOM.
— Thomas P., Author, NYC

Engaged in the study and practice of the Alexander Technique for a decade, Nadia is a member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique and has a private practice in the Alexander Technique in Manhattan. A certified instructor, Nadia completed a 1600-hour, three-year teacher training for the Alexander Technique. Nadia is also a summa cum laude graduate of New York University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Italian Literature and Language and a Bachelor of Music in Classical Flute Performance.

Her clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, have diverse interests and make up a wide age range, from 9 years old to 70 and beyond. In addition to offering weekly sessions for clients, Nadia is on faculty at the Riverside Initiative, a school for training teachers of the Alexander Technique. At Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, she is a facilitator for the CONNECT program for engineering students.

Committed to the mindfulness practice of the Alexander Technique, Nadia uses it in her daily life, in addition to applying it to her interests of classical music performance, Argentine tango social dance, learning and speaking foreign languages and running and swimming.