The Alexander Technique is a scientifically-validated method that can help you relieve chronic stress and fatigue in the body, live lighter and breathe better.


Relief from Pain

You will learn to become aware of and change chronic postural habits that are contributing to pain (especially regarding the back and neck). Releasing years of holding yourself stiffly or slumping allows your body to find a whole new level of ease, lightness and coordination!


Peace of mind and body

The Alexander Technique gives you a way to help yourself in every moment, by releasing tension and breathing more easily. It is a type of mindfulness practice that is wholly psychophysical, positively affecting all of you. You will be able to reduce stress and tension, increase wellness and productivity, and manage pain and injury.


About Nadia, A Certified INSTRUCTOR

Nadia has a private practice in the Alexander Technique in Zürich, Switzerland.

Previously, in New York, USA, she had a private practice, was on faculty at the Riverside Initiative, a school for training teachers of the Alexander Technique, and was a facilitator for the CONNECT Program at Cooper Union, where she offered Physical Expression workshops to engineering students.