The Alexander Technique taught me how to create a state of wellbeing and productivity, for myself and others. 


When I first experienced the Alexander Technique, I felt fatigued, stressed and confused about how to use my body in the most efficient way. I was busily applying myself to become the best musician I could be, and in the process I found myself facing many brick walls. Full expression and freedom in my body and mind seemed just out of reach. Not to mention, I dealt with the pressure of performing and high standards by pushing myself harder, thinking that would lead to the best results. And for a while, it did. But it had a limit. I was stressed and wound up, and my body seemed at odds with my musical goals.

One day, I learned about the Alexander Technique and immediately scheduled a lesson. Something about it sounded incredibly right for me. Once I had an experience of the type of mind-body coordination that was possible, and the feeling of freedom and ease in my body, I knew I was on to something. The Alexander Technique wasn’t something I went to for someone to fix me: the method teaches the individual to help themselves, so that freedom and ease are never out of reach. You learn the tools so you can access them in any moment when you need them. As you learn more in the Alexander Technique, it starts to become more and more a natural part of your life, so that state of coordination and openness becomes your new normal.

After years of private study, I began to feel more and more strongly that this is what I wanted to spend my life doing: sharing with others how we can be most authentically, happily comfortable in ourselves: those bodies and minds that are always with us and determine how we experience each moment. The Alexander Technique had so profoundly changed my life that I couldn’t (and still can’t!) imagine where I might be had I not begun to study it.

I completed a three year, 1600-hour training to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique, and have been teaching it to individuals of many disciplines, backgrounds and experiences ever since. I continue to explore the many ways the Alexander Technique benefits me, and sharing this with my clients is one of my greatest privileges and pleasures.