One less thing to do.


The Alexander Technique is unlike any other method. Instead of giving you equipment, exercises or adding anything else, it uses your innate and natural ability to be poised, upright and psychophysically unified. To gain access, you'll learn how to do less. You'll let go of all the extra and unnecessary gripping, contraction and tension that you thought was necessary. 

As your mind and body start to quiet down, you will become aware of the messages your mind has been sending to your body, and how your body has been interpreting these messages. This process brings consciousness to the fore, and allows you to be more fully yourself, in every respect. 

By establishing this essential coordination of mind and body, many other things start to happen, giving you what you want without having to do one (or many more!) things.

  • Want core strength? The Alexander Technique strengthens the whole core by encouraging the deeper postural muscles to engage, thereby connecting the whole torso and making every daily activity a flexible and expansive "working out" of the muscles that help us stay upright. This is a great remedy from back pain caused by weakness of the core muscles, or from engaging only the superficial muscles of the core throughout daily activities. No sit ups required!

  • Want relief from pain or injury? By releasing chronic habits, you'll not only manage and/or resolve any existing pain and injury, you'll also reduce the likelihood of future incidences. Say goodbye to 'no pain, no gain' -- the Alexander Technique is a gentle method that doesn't use force to work through knots, scar tissue or anything else.

  • Want peace of mind? Learning to recognize the ways in which we have trained our minds and bodies to respond to stressful situations can allow us to let go of unhelpful thoughts patterns and muscular responses. Your mind will be quieter, sans the help of any outside influence like drugs, alcohol or supplements.

  • Want to rejuvenate the body? Releasing long-held habits means we're no longer using up our energy. The body will feel lighter and easier. The Alexander Technique also teaches you how to properly use your joints rather than breaking unnaturally to bend, twist and leap. You'll even learn a coordination that allows you to take advantage of our ability for flexion and extension, that will make bending to pick something up, standing for a long time, and many other activities feel better. Your ability to sustain repetitive and strenuous tasks will increase. In short, you'll find greater longevity through an increased sense of coordination and ease. You can still take supplements and work out with weights if you want to, but you'll have access to a deep wellspring of your own being, as well.

  • Want awareness? The Alexander Technique provides an in-the-moment means of noticing how you are standing in your own way. You will be able to notice the postural and psychophysical habits that are interfering with your optimum state of being and choose to let them go, right then and there. While you can now buy a device that notifies you when your posture is less than exemplary, with the Alexander Technique you can access the most valuable and powerful device of all, 24/7, for free: your mind.