Stuck in a tiring cycle of discomfort, pain and fatigue at the desk and computer?

The Alexander Technique is an ideal system for understanding how to better use your postural system to create comfortable, effortless sitting, minus the non stop shifting, periods of sitting up too straight, and subsequent slumping. By bringing awareness to habits of posture that are unproductive, the whole postural mechanism-- the spine, breathing apparatus, back and front of torso, and the pelvis, can work as it is naturally intended, giving you coordinated strength and flexible uprightness to sit with ease. 

What about the computer? 

The computer only adds challenge to an already challenging situation. Over-focusing on your work at the computer, pulling your neck forward to see better, and repetitive actions of clicking and typing can greatly challenge your body if done for several hours a day. Through awareness of these habits, and strategies to release the extra work you are doing in your body, you will find a new way of relating to your desk, office chair and computer, one that gives you mind-body coordination, spatial awareness and ease in performing repetitive action.