Here’s what recent clients had to say.

Thank you for your feedback and trust.

Nadia is an amazing teacher who listens deeply to each person’s concerns. Each week, she creates a session that best fits my situation at that moment, and leads me to better understand how to help myself. Since learning the Alexander Technique, I started to be able to pay attention to physical tension in daily life, and now that I know how to release it, I feel much lighter in my body. As a singer, learning how to release tension has dramatically enhanced my performance ability.
— Setsuko H., Vocalist, NYC
I’ve had a couple of Alexander instructors and Nadia by far is the best. She explains things in a way that makes sense and I’m seeing progress. She is wonderful!
— Rachel C.
Nadia’s capacity for attunement is healing, liberating and transformative. I came for flute lessons and through her sensitive adjustments, learned to inhabit my body differently. This has made all the difference in how I approach flute playing and indeed living my life.
— B. O'Hara
A model of good teaching and listening.
— An educator at the MEANYC workshop co-led by Nadia
I would recommend Nadia to those interested in cultivating an increased awareness of mind and body, and to anyone seeking to improve their general health and well-being.
— Robin R., Photographer
As my first introduction to The Alexander Technique, the session I had with Nadia was quite eye-opening and spectacular. In a short period, I was able to understand the meaning and benefits behind the Technique and how it can be used to heal and aid my particular struggles as a singer and as an avid walking and stressed New Yorker. She was very patient, gentle and thorough with her explanations. Even five days after the class, I have caught myself – throughout the day – tensed up and then releasing my muscles based off the quick notes that Nadia brought to my attention. I look forward to an opportunity to work with her again and thank her immensely for making me more aware of my own body.
— Tanya P.
During the session with Nadia, I began to feel a sense of well being and awareness about my body that was different from anything I had ever felt before. Nadia suggested ways in which I could improve all aspects of my posture while sitting, standing, walking and running.

After leaving the session I felt elated and decided to try out what I had learned by walking the 60 blocks home to try and tune my walking a bit. During the walk I attempted to recall some of the adjustments and apply them, to my satisfaction they worked. Arriving home after my walk I felt relaxed and warmed up without any sense of tiring or strain on any parts of my body. I will definitely continue using what I learned and look forward to learning more about the Alexander Technique.
— ND