How can instruction in the Alexander Technique improve workplace productivity?

Here is a short breakdown: 

Focus and Concentration

  • By bringing awareness to habitual postural patterns, individuals learn to release unnecessary tension and create an easier way of doing anything. The Alexander Technique also promotes thinking-in-activity, which can improve executive function and increase coordination. This can bring about mental freedom, allowing for greater productivity in an activity.


  • Over time, we accumulate habits that can be a compilation of the startle response, leaving us permanently in fight or flight mode. Reducing or eliminating the startle response by changing unproductive postural habits can greatly increase one's sense of calm.

  • The Alexander Technique also focuses on efficient and full breathing. When one's breathing is coordinated and easy, the individual is better able to deal with deadlines, pressure-filled meetings and other stressful events that may occur.

Increased Wellness

  • The Alexander Technique's focus on increased general coordination creates a strong mind-body connection and also reduces site-specific pain through this attention to the whole being. This can result in fewer minor and major aches and pains that result in lost workdays.

Repetitive Stress Injury, Back Pain, and Other Office Injuries

  • Sitting in the same position for many hours and working at the computer can create a great deal of strain if individuals are not taught to use their bodies with ease. The Alexander Technique teaches individuals to use less tension to execute whatever tasks and computer work they need to do, in addition to coordinating the postural mechanism so there is much less risk of back pain and injury from imbalanced sitting postures.

Increased Communication Skills and Confidence

  • Through increased coordination and improved breathing, public speaking, as well as general communication skills, becomes more skillful. The face of your company, after Alexander Technique instruction, will project a sense of readiness, confidence and clarity that comes from the postural and breathing education the Alexander Technique provides.