We exercise to feel alive, move our bodies, achieve fitness and to work out the kinks sitting at a desk all day long may have created. Sometimes, though, we can overdo exercising, using too much muscular effort and creating patterns of excessive downward impetus in the body, making exercise counter-productive. This means that sometimes the very activity we hope will help our fitness and well-being -- exercise -- is actually reinforcing the habitual patterns of tension that are already occurring during the rest of the day, and can even result in injury due to the increased demand that exercise places on us. 

If you've ever wondered or felt any of the following, the Alexander Technique can help you to untangle fitness from struggle and make it a posture-strengthening activity, not something that causes further strain and injury: 

  • Even though I stretch, my muscles feel tight.

  • I feel heavy and discoordinated when I exercise.

  • I'm trying to improve my fitness, but I don't notice gains in efficiency, ease and coordination.

  • I have an injury or previously had one, and I want to prevent further injuries in the future.

  • I want to perform at peak efficiency when exercising, but I've already tried all the typical drills and I still feel like there's more untapped potential.