One-on-One Session in the Alexander Technique


Having an Alexander Technique session will leave you feeling lighter and profoundly coordinated, having released a great deal of excess tension, and equipped with the tools to continue practicing this method and improving in between sessions. You'll be more aware of chronic patterns of tension and harmful breathing habits, and you'll discover how to manage and reduce the resulting pain, strain and fatigue. 

If you've already come for previous sessions, we will continue from where we left off, evaluating how the Technique can best help you in your current condition. Together, we will revisit any previous, lingering issues and bring new life to your body, mind and being.

You can purchase a session by clicking the button below or to your right. Once payment is completed, you'll receive a link to my calendar, where you can schedule your lesson in a few clicks! Poise is (and will be) yours. 

If you have any questions, contact me here. Lastly, if your financial circumstances are challenging, also contact me to learn about a reduced rate for sessions.