Your All-in-One Wellness Practice

Ready to simplify the combination of wellness routines, meditation and yoga practice and conscious movement (hello, overwhelm!)?

Try constructive rest. It's a combo of all of the above that will leave you refreshed, coordinated, energized and calm. All in 5-10 minutes a day. When you need it, wherever you are, with just a few minutes of lying down.

Receive a guided audio every month, with lots of reminders along the way.

I'm thrilled to introduce to you a new Alexander Technique program that I've created especially for busy individuals who'd like to commit to gaining poise, wellness and performance, on a timeline that works for you. 

It can be hard to make the time for a weekly lesson, even though you know it would offer you rapid and lasting progress. With that in mind, I've created a program that will offer you a way to keep learning through a delivery to your inbox. 

On a monthly basis, you will receive a monthly guided audio lie down on a specific theme (delivered to your inbox), plus much more. 

Here are all the details: 


  • Monthly guided audio lie down on a specific theme delivered straight to your inbox that you can play instantly or download for later

  • An email loaded with helpful tips and insider info (that have helped me and countless Alexander pupils)

  • Exclusive access to offers and products related to the Alexander Technique


  • For $29/month, receive the guided audio lie down plus the email with tips and exclusive AT-related offers and products. You'll receive a whole month of virtual Alexander instruction, inspiration and information to power your days, for about the cost equivalent of one latte per week. 


  • Use the contact form here and I'll be quickly in touch with you.